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Imagine a colorless, black and white world. Do you like it? No? We don't like it either! At RCL, we have made a commitment to bring the joy of color in your life, making what surrounds you prettier and more attractive to the human optical perception.

Founded in the year 2012 on a modest beginning but gigantic ideas, RCL has taken rapid steps to capture the imagination of the color industry. We at RCL represent the interests of some of the best manufacturers in India and China , which helps us to offer you an irresistible price-quality ratio. A careful selection of manufacturers along with scrupulous analysis of their products arms us with absolute confidence regarding the products we offer. Our products are at par and at times exceed the quality of products offered by most European brands. At the same time, we promise to surprise you with pleasantly competitive prices!

Raduga Chemicals strictly follows the basic philosophy of a client-friendly approach. The demands and desires of our clients are our guiding principles. We believe in flexibility and make every possible effort to accommodate the wishes of our friends-clients. No critical comment of our clients is left unheeded. No enquiry is left unanswered. We carefully study all critical comments addressed to us and sincerely try to correct our tactics as well as strategy accordingly. We at RCL have also adopted honest business relations as the foundation of our company. We constantly strive for long term partnerships based on honesty, openness and mutual benefit.

Many pigments we sell are made exclusively for "Raduga Chemicals Limited" from ISO certified factories. Every lot is tested and approved in our Delhi based laboratory by pigment experts to maintain the quality for which we are known. We keep a sizeable inventory in our warehouses and offer excellent on-time delivery performance. Our factories have low overhead and costs. They source the lowest cost raw materials from quality suppliers, enabling them to provide the most competitive prices. They take pride in this area, and Raduga Chemicals Limited invest their small profits back into their business to support rapid growth. In fact, they have been able to steadily reduce costs in recent years.

Having more than a solid base of suppliers-manufacturers as well as clients, we have not stopped at the achieved success. Our quest of rising to higher peaks of excellence continues to be a perpetual process of expanding our capabilities in various corners of the world.

With your cooperation, we dream to color this world with all the shades of the rainbow, one of the finest creations of Mother Nature, bringing happiness to mankind!



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